Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleeping Uphill

Jennifer McQuiston has a three-book deal with Avon.

Romily Bernard has a three-book deal with HarperTeen.

Kat Cantrell (who won Harlequin's SYTYCW contest) and Ami Weaver have series titles coming soon from Harlequin.

They're all fellow Golden Heart® finalists for 2012, and I'm proud of their accomplishments, just as I'm very happy for the many finalists who've gotten agents since the announcement, and all those who already have agents. (Another finalist, Moriah Densley, worked really hard to get all our websites linked up to our names in the list. I'll be lazy and just link to her fabulous post so you can see all the names I've left out.)

I'm a little envious of their successes, maybe, but I'm also happy. Truly.

This reminds me of the "Asphalta Karma" theory a friend taught me when I lived in Philadelphia. If you're driving around looking for a parking space, you say a prayer to Asphalta, the goddess of urban driving. If the car in front of you gets a parking space you wanted, you give thanks to Asphalta for helping out a fellow driver: it's good karma. (Also good Asphalta karma? Overpaying the meter.)

So it's good writer karma to be over-the-moon happy for my fellow GH finalists even as I don't expect to get an agent or a book deal out of my GH finalist manuscript. Mind you, I'm working hard on making it a better book--hell, it's my entire semester's workload this spring; by June, it will have all sorts of improvements. But it may always be an odd duck that the industry doesn't know what to do with.

This effort to keep plugging away at my own writing while I watch my colleagues grab their brass rings is like sleeping uphill. See, we're staying at a cute little cabin in the hills outside Asheville for a few days; it's like living in a treehouse. There's a king-sized bed that's comfy enough, but you know how those beds get. There's always a slight dip toward the sides.

So last night I woke up a little chilled (note to self: if we stay here again, bring a quilt) and I wanted to move toward the middle of the bed, closer to my husband (aka, my British Thermal Unit). Only that involved rolling uphill slightly, enough that I had to make a conscious effort to accomplish it. All the warmth was in the middle of the bed, but I had to wake up enough to get there.

That's what it feels like to get everyone's good news about their agents and book deals: sleeping uphill. It's cozier to be in a group, but it takes some effort to see that it's okay to be different.


  1. It's not just okay, most of the time it's better. :) I'm sure you'll achieve all the success you dream of.

  2. Magdalen, It was me who begged earlier to read this mysterious award-winning, not-quite-mainstream story. Hopefully you'll send it my way when it's ready. Lovely article, and your gracious attitude speaks very highly of you. Wishing you success.


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