Monday, June 13, 2011

Postscript - What Dhympna Said

Dhympna made a comment about how you will see covers for new books that look exactly like existing bestsellers.  No news there.

In a tiny bit of Twitter synchronicity, look what Miranda Neville just called to my attention:

Manda Collins has a book coming with this cover:

Very nice.  Look familiar?  How about this cover:

You could tell me that those were from the exact same photo shoot and I wouldn't disbelieve you.  (Although I think Ms. Collins gets an added fillip of contemporaneous zeitgeist as her cover model looks like Pippa Middleton in her maid-of-honor gown.)

That different books have the same art work is not news, of course.  Check out other examples here, here, and here.

But what makes this interesting is the timing of it all.  Thanks, Dhympna and Miranda Neville, for reminding me how publishers work: unsubtly.

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