Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Joys of Sin (or Synergy)

I have a confession to make.

I've been cheating on you, Promantica.  Yes, I'm busy with my WIP, and yes, I'm traveling a lot, and yes, I'm even making another quilt.  They all help to explain why my posts have dwindled to a trickle.

But I also have another blog.  One that I post to twice a week.  Oh yeah.  It's been a long time since you saw twice-a-week action, Promantica.

The "other blog" is actually my husband's blog on crossword puzzles.  He used to write daily about the New York Times crossword; he claimed it helped him to figure out all the American sports terms and pop culture references.  But after two years he felt he'd learned enough to discontinue the daily posts.  In the meantime, I'd taken over the posts on NPR's  Sunday puzzle, and didn't feel like stopping those even though Ross was done discussing the crossword.

So it's his blog, but I'm the one who posts there?  What can I say -- they're easy and fun posts to do, and involve lots of pictures and not so many words.  Plus, I get to tease Will Shortz.

There's a small cadre of regulars who comment and try to guess how many entries NPR will get each week for the puzzle.  (We give out a puzzle book when someone guesses the correct range.)

In fact, one of the regulars is a guy -- Dave Taube -- who's been the on-air contestant and twice gotten a puzzle selected by Will Shortz.

And it's Dave who's totally saving my bacon with my WIP, in which my characters have left the familiar confines of Philadelphia and ended up on the West Coast.

My heroine's mother had a heart attack two chapters ago, so Elise has rushed to Eugene, Oregon, to be by her mother's bedside.  (Peggy survives, btw.  Not a spoiler, just reassuring you.)  Don't ask me why I picked Eugene -- it seemed smaller and thus more accessible than Portland, while a bit more hip than Medford.

I suspect I picked Eugene because subconsciously I knew Dave lives there.  Dave's been a generous and wonderful source of information about Eugene's culture and community.  The portion of my novel that takes place in Eugene will seem just a bit more accurate thanks to Dave's help.

Now I understand those heartfelt Acknowledgement sections at the beginning of certain novels.  Because of Dave, I know where to have my protagonists lunch at the Saturday Market (where these guitars can be purchased) and I can have Elise refer to the hospital as "RiverBend" just like a local would, even though "RiverBend" isn't in the actual hospital's name.  How cool is that?

I'm afraid that's all the result of my adulterous relationship with another blog.  The wages of sin?  Hah - I feel rewarded for cheating: that's synergy at work.


  1. So what you're saying is, a blog is like a relationship and you're just not that into us anymore? ;)

  2. I grew up across the river from Eugene (in it's littler satellite Springfield), learned to drive at Autzen Stadium, went to the mall at Valley River Center, walked in a patchouli fog at Saturday Market, visited my mom at Sacred Heart (hospital) and ran the Butte to Butte (snarky little girls call it the Butt to Butt). I love Eugene.


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