Saturday, October 16, 2010

Like a Hole in the Head

Yup, I've started another blog.  Trust me, I am well aware how stupid a move that is, at least from the perspective of time management.

But from another angle, it's not stupid at all.  I think about what I'm reading, and for a while now -- since I got my Kindle -- I've been thinking about the kinky sex books I've been reading.  What I think is:
  • They're well written.  Some of them are very well-written indeed and a lot of them are keepers because the romances are so angsty and lovely.
  • They are psychologically quite complex.  I want to explore this aspect of certain books, but they are books that can't be discussed outside the context of their sexual components.  It would be like discussing the relationship in a Regency romance without acknowledging any of the historical elements that distinguish the Regency period from, say, modern day.
  • Even the titles of these books are borderline racy and might make someone uncomfortable.
  • I don't want Promantica to be a place where anyone is uncomfortable.  
  • I need a new blog -- yes, with one of those annoying "Contains content that might make someone uncomfortable..." warnings -- so that I can write very unsexy posts about sexy books.
So, I've started Hedone's Blog.  Don't worry, the very first (and, as I write this, the only) blog post is completely G-rated.  It mostly explains why I named my blog after Psyche's & Cupid's daughter, Hedone (pronounced Hee-don-ee).

I'm not going to advertise (through Tweets, for example) new posts to Hedone's Blog.  I figure people who are interested in that intersection of human psychology, sexuality and romance will find it if they want to.

Back here at Promantica, I'll still be reading good, even great, vanilla books.  And I daresay the posts for Hedone's Blog will eventually dry up in much the same way posts to my knitting blog, quilting blog, and even original blog have done.  But in the meantime, if you're wondering why I'm not posting so much here, you'll probably find me over there.

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