Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here's What Caused Me to Buy a Kindle

Yes, I bought a Kindle 3, the cheaper kind that requires a wifi connection.

(No, not this model, which is just a tad lower tech than even I want.)

I'd slowly been heading toward this decision.  I'd started a list of books I would get if I ever got an e-reader, I'd seen that the prices were coming down, and I figured if I waited for an e-reader to do everything I wanted it to, I would be too decrepit to push the buttons.

But none of that was going to get me to buy one now.  Here's the enticement that did the trick.  I read this: 
A final note to AAR readers:  In the interest of full disclosure,  if you buy your Kindle 3 through the link in this blog or via the link in the box at the bottom of the home page, AAR will get a small commission from Amazon.  So, if you’re going to buy a Kindle and you enjoy our site, we hope you’ll consider using the link when you’re ready to buy.

That was the final paragraph of a blog post by the wonderful Sandy at AAR singing the praises of the Kindle 3.

Now, I could get pompous about how refreshing it is for bloggers to admit they make some money if you buy through them (and it is refreshing), but here's the truth.  I just wanted AAR to get the money.  The blog post didn't make me want an e-reader any more than I had before, but it did make we want to buy one through their website.  They'll barely make enough to order a venti anything at Starbucks, but if anyone (other than Jeff Bezos, that is) is going to get my money, I'd love it to be AAR.  As the song says, they work hard for the money.

I was in a B&B in Erie, Pennsylvania when I read Sandy's post so when I did click on the AAR Kindle ad I was on an unsecured network.  Ooops.  A week passed before I placed the order, and true to my original impulse I went back to AAR and got to Amazon through them.

I just got an email telling me that the Kindle should be here in two weeks.  I can wait.  My attitude about owning an e-reader is still lukewarm.  The most I can say is that a lot of my antipathy has dissipated, but I'm still neutral about it as a device.  Will it be like a cell phone (which I own and rarely use but do appreciate when I need one) or will it be like the iPod (which rocked my world -- you mean I can take my entire music collection with me?!) or something in between?

Fundamentally, it's affordable, so why not?  That's a rhetorical question, by the way, and I don't much care about the answer.  I gather the latest issue is what file types are supported by which e-readers.  Uh, okay.  The reality is that I daresay I'll have to replace the Kindle with something better at some time.  One thing is for sure, it's not going to be an iPad.  Check out this YouTube clip on that subject (NSFW because of the profanity):

It's only moderately laugh-out-loud funny, and you shouldn't watch it if you think your iPad is simply amazing (i.e., it's this decade's iPod for you), but it pretty much sums up why I'm not lining up to give Steve Jobs my money.  (That cell phone I have?  Definitely not an iPhone.  I don't even send texts on it.  Yup, I'm hopelessly mired in 1990s technology.)

I promise, though, that if I fall in love with the Kindle, I will faithfully report that here so that certain people (hello, Sharyn) can chortle as I eat my words.


  1. That was a lovely thing to do. Someone did the same with my site recently and that made me very happy. I hope whoever it was enjoys their Kindle. There's lots of great freebies too for the Kindle. Lots and lots of romance, christian romance, and erotic romance titles.

  2. I didn't even notice the link on your site, Keira. And so close to your birthday, too. ::hangs head in shame::

  3. Kindle rocked my world. I really wasn't expecting that. I'd had an old Gemstar ebook for about 4 years before I got my K, so I already had some idea of how great they were, but I can't even describe to you how wonderful it is to hold a library of 100 books in my hand, available anytime I wanted them, with 400 more sitting in my Amazon archive available to download pretty much anytime, anywhere. New releases download to my K at 12:01 AM and are available as soon as I wake up the following morning. I've sat in airports, decided I didn't want to read what I had available, gone browsing, and bought/downloaded a new book in 30 seconds. No more carrying around two paperbacks in my purse because I'm just about to finish one and can't bear the thought of being bookless until I get home to restock. I could go on, but you get the picture.


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