Monday, June 21, 2010

A Room Without a View

I took some time off from reading and writing to do something possibly even more important.  I recreated my office space.

Here's what my office looked like when it was Brit Hub 1.0's tool room:

(Go ahead & click it for the full effect.)

Here's what it looks like now:

That's with the flash on, which is pretty accurate as to colors, but is a bit glaring.  Here it is without the flash:

I have spared you the photos of "Before" meaning before I tidied it up. It was bad. I'm not a great housekeeper, mostly because -- well, no, I'm not sure why I'm a bad housekeeper. I just am.

Here's the rest of the room (which isn't big -- 14' by 16' maybe?):

That's where quilts are (in theory, at least) made.  I'm working on one now, but I've only just started to cut out the fabrics for it:

(Laura, if you're reading this, those are the fabrics -- your focus fabric is in the top left corner.)

Prior to this, there was a tiny Ikea desk and computer in the corner where my big comfy chair is now.  That was fine when I was doing the modicum of legal work I needed to do, but when I started writing, I bought a laptop and found myself doing all my blogging and other writing in an armchair upstairs.

There were advantages to this, and disadvantages.  Mostly, I think, it felt temporary.  I understand I can write anywhere, and I have.  But I had this pretty office, so why wasn't I using it?  So we moved the computer desk into Ross's office (to join his two other computers in there -- he does his software compiling there and his blogging upstairs) and took the comfy chair out and into my office.  Add a bed for the dog, clear out all the clobber, and hey presto, I have an office.

Without a view.  Because the only window is tiny and looks up at pine trees.  This is actually a good thing; sunlight would not be good for my quilting fabric.

(There are more pictures of my quilting stash here.  And if you really want to see how untidy it can get, just click on the Older Posts from there.  It's bad, though.  Very bad.)

But still, there's a view of a different sort.  Here's what I can see from my new workstation:


  1. I want to sit on every lovely lavish seating piece in that room, and lounge around in there. It is SO inviting! This has to be one of the most dramatic room makeovers ever. At first I thought the fabrics on the shelves were books, sideways, but I get it. Puppy likes too. Oh, may we please have our cheese plate there?

  2. Home office envy, I haz it.


  3. Victoria & Wendy -- Thank you. You make all the work I did tidying it up worthwhile!

    Carolyn -- I do love that photo of the tool room; I'd have been gutted if I'd not taken than picture back in 2005 when this was still a weekend place for Brit Hub 1.0 and me. (He lives in the townhouse in Philadelphia I originally bought.) In one of those ironies, I took photos of all the rooms in this house to send to Brit Hub 2.0 back when we were Just Friends, little knowing that he'd be moving in a year later...

    We can have cheese plates here, there & everywhere. (The upstairs rooms are pretty nice too.) I love the idea of shelving books by the colors of their spines but it might make it hard to find a specific book. ("Was it a red cover? Maroon? Navy??")

    Mimi would love to host Puppy here. Cheese-flavored Pupcorn all around!

    Now all you have to do is get here...

  4. My Mum would adore your fabric shelves...she's into sewing and craftwork so this right up her alley.

  5. Your stash is so nice and neat! Mine needs to be reorganized (again!). Looks like a wonderful room. Is that the blooming 9-patch? If so I can't wait to see how you've planned it out. Pretty!


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