Friday, March 19, 2010

Holiday Snaps, Vol. 2: Cornwall

That straggly white building up there is The Nare Hotel, a wondeful place that is designed to make you feel as though you're at a weekend house with a LOT of servants.  (Do please click on the link and see their wonderful photographs, including ones where it's all green and pretty.  Bluntly, we can't afford to stay at The Nare Hotel when it's all green & pretty.)

This place reminded me of Sharrow Bay, in Ullswater (the Lake District) where Brit Hub 1.0 and I stayed for a night back in 2005.  In addition to spectacular settings (lake vs. sea), both hotels have that "feel free to sit in the drawing room; tea is at 4" atmosphere, intended to evoke an Edwardian house party.  The difference is because we were at Sharrow Bay for only one night, Henry and I had time to appreciate the setting and accommodations (and the food -- which on that night was just as good as all the rave reviews led us to believe it would be) but not to get a good feel for our fellow guests. 

At The Nare Hotel, we stayed three nights, long enough for me to be struck by the rather homogeneous nature of the other guests -- almost cliché characters from an England that Americans might think is long lost.  (I'll have to make explaining this a post of its own.  It involves complicated thoughts about class, nationality, culture, ways of life, and a bunch of other things.  Frankly, blogging about that makes my recent post on Gaffney's To Have and To Hold seem like I was explaining an episode of Sesame Street.)

Nare Beach, with the hotel at the left.

Nare Beach, as seen from the Coastal Walk

We did do the bits of the South West Coast Path that went east and west from The Nare Hotel.  We didn't get all the way to Nare Head heading east; I'm not in good enough shape.  (We were warned that it was a lot of up and down -- it's not the up that I found difficult, but the down.  You think gravity's your friend in those situations, but it actually makes the strain on knees and ankles worse.  No excuse; just saying.)

The Coastal Walk (Ross says it's very famous in the UK) goes through fields like this one.  Eh, the sheep were quite used to the interruptions.

That's Nare Head, taken from all the way at the other end of the beach.

I should have taken a photo of our terrace, overlooking the beach.  One of the days got warm enough for us to sit outside, or inside but with the sliding glass door open.  Even though it wasn't very green, and didn't have all the flowers (go back and look at The Nare Hotel photo album again, or better yet, flip through the online brochure!), it was very very beautiful.  It's just not the sort of beautiful that can be photographed.  Some situations are so vibrantly enhanced by their circumstances -- vacation, relaxation, unexpected sunny weather in March -- that a photo showing dull grass and barren shrubbery wouldn't have captured the perfection.

And that's the best explanation I have for why we didn't race around trying to see anything other than this tiny corner of Cornwall -- sometimes perfection is enough.

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  1. As long as you enjoyed yourself, why stress out about running around? IYKWIM

    I have turned completely green btw.



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