Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greetings from Cornwall

Greetings from Cornwall!

I didn't take the picture; it's not quite this green here in March, but it is the view from our hotel of Carne Beach, on the Roseland Peninsula

The amazing thing about this trip is that Ross planned it all.  All of it.  I used to be the family travel agent in my first marriage, a role I actually liked.  But I have to say, I like my new role (the person presented with options or, better yet, presented with a plan just short of booking and asked, "How does this look to you?").

What's surprised me most of all is how much like Scarborough Beach it is here.  That's the beach in Maine that played a huge role in my childhood.  My mother first went there at the age of 4, and returned every summer for ten years before her parents bought a weekend house north of New York City.  She mourned the loss of their beach vacations, so when she was married and had three children (and pregnant with me), she packed everyone up and went back.  Despite all my father's dire predictions that it would be different, it wasn't.  It was just as lovely in 1955 as it had been in 1934.

My parents ended up buying land close to Scarborough Beach and building a summer house there in 1962.  They rebuilt it into a year-round house in 1983 and retired there.  My siblings and I inherited it, but I really didn't feel the atavistic pull of the beach the way the others did.  I can't say why not, and I can't dispute my brother's comment that it's a magical place.  I just found that I resented time spent there as it wasn't Harmony, my current home.  Despite all the sea water in my childhood, I'd fallen in love with a tiny patch of the Endless Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania, and wanted to be there more than at the beach.

So here we are (again, not in as green a season as this photo would suggest) listening to the sound of the surf and collecting beach glass.  It should make me homesick for those lost times when I was happy to be at Scarborough Beach, but it doesn't.  It makes me happy to be married to a man who found this hotel on this beach in Cornwall.  I'm making more memories, ones that don't compete with my childhood recollections but complement them.

Of course, I'd love to come back here when it's sunny and warm (as opposed to sunny & chilly, the way it is today) but we're going to have to win the lottery or make a lot of money some other way.  But I'll tell you this: if health care reform (or something) doesn't happen in the US soon, I might seriously consider retiring to Cornwall.  It's very sleepy and quiet, but a whole lot less snowy than NE Pennsylvania.


  1. What beautiful photos! I've never been to Cornwall but I'd love to go at some point.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  2. Tenative plans (okay, not quite plans, still in the wish list phase)to travel to England this fall - Octoberish. Cornwall looks lovely - it may make it onto my short(er)list.

  3. Oh my my how gorgeously beautiful! And your own travel agent: I have one too! I see Betty Debbie posted: I have been wracking (is that spelled right) my brains to think of a non-Brighton writer that's also good! Marion Chesney is pretty non-Brighton :)


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