Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Do You All Do It?

I'm talking about you -- yes, you.  Reading this blog in a snatch of time between making a healthy dinner for your family, preparing for work, polishing off another blog post (one with citations, perhaps -- or a proper book review which required you to finish the book  . . . and it's the third book review you've written this week), or revising another chapter of your debut romance novel.  And as soon as you've done any or all of those things, you're reading a chapter book aloud to your child(ren), cleaning the house (because NONE of you has dust bunnies, I just know it), painting the spare room . . .

Okay.  You're not painting the spare room.  I have a friend who painted the spare room this week, and when someone asked her on Facebook where she got all that energy, she admitted, "Chemical imbalance."

To the extent that I know anything about any of you, you all have busier lives than mine.  All of you.  You've got jobs outside the home, kids, hobbies (by which I mean hobbies you actually do, not hobbies that you merely have all the materials for -- oh, and these are hobbies that, of course, you do effortlessly, always completing each project promptly and happily), elaborate schedules, and so forth.

I am amazed any of you get anything done.  I have none of those excuses competing demands on my time, and I'm having trouble getting books read, let alone discussed on my blog, let alone writing my own book.  And the crazy thing is, I'm not playing solitaire games the way I used to, I'm not reading non-Romlandia blogs the way I used to, and I've barely had a chance to read what the Fugly Girls are saying about the dresses at the Golden Globes, let alone the Grammys.

So, hats off to you moms/professionals/bloggers/readers/commenters/authors/would-be authors/all-around impressive & accomplished people.  I'm trying hard to emulate you all.  And I'll get there -- I'll get organized and more efficient with my abundance of free time . . . I just don't know when.


  1. How do I do it? Planning, discipline, rewards, and accepting that I can't do everything, no matter how hard I try.

    I've been home stay-at-home mother since July last year. I can honestly say my days were less busy when I was working full-time before I had children. Kids don't give you the weekend free!
    Having so little time to myself has forced me to be really disciplined and I find I make better use of the time I do have to write/blog/read than I might otherwise have done.

    But something has to give. In my case, it's TV and films, which I hardly ever watch, plus going to the gym. We don't have a gym near us which has a babysitting facility. As my husband often works late, that would leave the weekends, and I'm loath to cut into our family time. At the moment, I try to squeeze in an exercise DVD a couple of times a week, plus long walks with the kids. It's not ideal but it's better than no exercise at all.

    As I mentioned on Keira Soleore's blog, I find it incredibly difficult to juggle blogging, reading and writing, and do all three well consistently. I seem to go through phases of productivity in one or two of the three, and a slump in the other(s).

  2. I am barely keeping my head above water. LOL. But for some reason I keep doing what I'm doing. :)

  3. You and Katie and Sarah ... and so many others ... are powerhouses of productivity compared to me. I'm in awe! And I have a mutually respectful relationship with dust bunnies :)

    I wish I had a Personal TIME Trainer! That I would love.

  4. I have various strategies

    1. I watch hardly any TV - an hour or two a week
    2. I cut back on sleep
    3. I abuse caffeine at work
    4. I multi task like I have 6 hands. The caffeine helps.

    In short, I'm a strung-out stress bunny with a caffeine-induced heart murmur but it seems to basically work for me.

  5. Sarah -- Oh no! I forgot that you all exercise like mad (keeping your girlish figures, of course) in addition to everything else you manage to do. Thanks for reminding me!

    Katiebabs -- I know that feeling: water up to my neck but I'm just managing to hang on.

    Janet -- I'll join you on thinking Sarah & Katiebabs are powerhouses of productivity. I'm pretty sure I'm the Easy-Bake Oven of Productivity.

    Tumperkin --

    I will admit to watching more TV than you, but I do cut back on sleep (the DH routinely get 2-3 hours more sleep than I do; he's napping beside me even as I type this). I suspect I'm as caffeinated as I'm going to be. So it must be the multitasking. I'll try that. (Does anyone blog while on the treadmill?)


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